An extremely stable, secure, and freedom respecting OS for the advanced user.

A deblobbed and fully libre spin of Slackware GNU/Linux.

Freenix is a GNU+Linux-libre distribution, and a Free eXpansion Pack for Slackware. The project's primary goals are to document all non-free software in Slackware distribution, and to make it easy for users to maintain a fully free Slackware-based OS.

Freenix is a complete distribution and a Slackware derivative which strives to be a free flavor of Slackware. It makes the smallest possible changes needed to remove all nonfree software from Slackware, while leaving all technical decisions up to the Slackware team.

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Freenix is entirely free/libre software, meaning that you can freely use it for any purpose, study its source code, share it and even modify it.

You don’t have to trust our word that it respects and protects you—it is independently verifiable by security experts and software developers around the world. Should you find ways to improve its security further, please get in touch with us!

Stable, simple, and "Unix-like"

Freenix aims for design stability and simplicity, and is one of the most "Unix-like" GNU/Linux distributions. It makes as few modifications as possible to software packages from upstream and tries not to anticipate use cases or predict user decisions. In contrast to most modern GNU/Linux distributions, Freenix provides no graphical installation procedure and no automatic dependency resolution for software packages. It uses plain text files and only a small set of shell scripts for configuration and administration. Without further modification it boots into a command-line interface environment. Because of its many conservative and simplistic features, Freenix is considered to be most suitable for advanced and technically inclined GNU/Linux users, or else for users who are willing to learn the basics of OS administration and maintenance.